Our practice can provide a wide range of general dentistry services. We can typically provide every type of dental service without referring you to other specialties. This flexibility saves you time and keeps your total dental care within one practice. Our emphasis is on complete preventive care for our patients. 


General Dentistry Services

Comprehensive care begins with regular hygiene visits, check-ups, and continued home oral health routines. We offer five different primary general dentistry services in Longview, Texas. Our services include teeth cleaning, dental fillings, crowns and bridges, root canals, and tooth extractions. 


Teeth Cleaning

A cornerstone of dentistry is preventative dentistry which includes teeth cleanings. With regular teeth cleanings, you can work to maintain a healthy smile. To maintain good oral health, Dr. Dolive and Dr. Acres recommend that patients clean their teeth at home and for Dolive DDS. Patients should schedule dental cleanings and exams every six months to maintain good oral health. At these appointments, Dr. Dolive and Dr. Acres will remove hard-to-get plaque and tartar from your teeth that can collect and lead to dental decay. Additionally, the dentists will inspect your teeth for any dental concerns and suggest appropriate treatment. 


Dental Fillings

The best treatment is usually a dental filling if you have dental decay. Dr. Dolive and Dr. Acres at Dolive DDS use tooth-colored, composite resin fillings. It will be hard to tell you to have a dental filling by looking at your teeth. Receiving a dental filling if you have tooth decay is ideal because if the decline is not removed and replaced, the decay can spread to your other teeth and gums. 


Dental Crowns

If you have a large portion of decay or a broken tooth, you may benefit from a dental crown. A dental crown, often called a dental cap, fits over your existing tooth. A dental crown is made of porcelain and durable and stain-resistant material. 


Dental Bridges

If you miss one or more teeth in a row, a dental bridge may be for you. A dental bridge replaces the tooth’s visible surface, not the root, like a dental implant. A dental bridge has two dental crowns on either side that fit over your adjacent teeth. These crowns are what keep the dental bridge in place. 


Root Canals

If you have a deep infection in your tooth that reaches your tooth’s inner blood vessels and nerves, you may need a root canal. In a root canal, your dentist removes parts of the tooth’s internal root that is infected and dead. If you don’t treat an infected root, the infection can reach the bloodstream causing a systemic infection or heart disease. 


Tooth Extractions

Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that your tooth is infected or dead, and you should remove it before the infection spreads. Dr. Dolive and Dr. Acres offer several tooth replacement options if you have an extracted tooth. Some of these prosthetics include dental implants and dental bridges. 


Wisdom teeth are also standard tooth extraction procedures. Many patients opt to remove their wisdom teeth if they are causing them pain or before they cause them pain or discomfort. Tooth extractions are a standard dental procedure where your dentist uses sedation medication to help you feel comfortable during the process. 


General Dentist in Longview, TX

Our practice also provides the highest-quality services for restoring mouths that have been damaged by dental disease and injury and common problems that require cosmetic dentistry. Our primary goal for our patients is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health through advances in techniques and technologies and by keeping their scheduled dental exams. Call our office for more information about Dolive DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry or schedule a general dentistry appointment. 

Crowns and Bridges